scenic flights


WHY scenic flights ARE SPECIAL

*Iconic landmarks from above

*Diverse ecosystems - land, water, & wildlife.

*Wildlife spectacle - Great Migration crossing is special to witness from above.

*Limited accessibility - unveiling hidden gems that are untouched by mass tourism.

*Personalised experiences.

*Photographic paradise.

*Memorable adventure.

natural landmarks

*Serengeti - witness the sea of wildebeest & zebras moving across the landscape.

*Ngorongoro Crater - rare perspective of of the geological marvel.

*Mount Kilimanjaro - peaks, glaciers, and changing landscapes.

*Zanzibar Archipelago - turquoise waters, coral reefs, & white sandy beaches.

To name just a few.

what's available

*Private jet for one passenger & a pilot. Maximum flexibility.

*Hot air balloon limited to National Parks only.


*Aerial photography & filming.

*Unobstructed perspectives - the lay of the land, the curves of rivers, the layout of ecosystems leads to a deeper understanding of the geography & interconnectedness of nature.

*Reflection & contemplation - sense of connection with nature & the environment.

*Wildlife insights.

Tanzania, a country renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and diverse wildlife, offers an extraordinary way to experience its beauty – through scenic flights; they provide an unparalleled opportunity to witness the country's natural wonders from above.

Soaring Above Natural Splendor

In every sweep of the horizon, in every glimpse of nature's wonders, the essence of Tanzania is captured – a land of boundless beauty and unyielding vitality, a land that invites us to become part of its story. A Tanzanian scenic flight is more than an adventure; it is a soul-stirring invitation to witness the world's majesty from a perspective reserved for the fortunate few who dare to take flight.

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